EMS Week 2020

EMS Week this year is May 17th-23rd and the theme for this year is “Ready for today. Preparing for tomorrow.” EMS week is about celebrating your local EMS system which includes: ambulance, fire, police, dispatchers, medical directors, and emergency room professionals who are ready 24/7 to care for you on your worst day. Many of these individuals are volunteers who give their time to care for you and your loved ones in their time of need.

This year has been a challenging time for EMS and the rest of the world due to the Coronavirus. Although the theme for this EMS week “Ready today. Preparing for tomorrow.” was decided before the outbreak of the Coronavirus it is particularly meaningful now as all of EMS works together to combat this virus. We continue to respond to emergency’s while adapting to these rapidly changing times. 

We would like to thank our community for the support in these challenging times. It is thanks to those who support and donate that we as providers can thrive and do our best to help those in their time of need. We will continue to grow and adapt in order to continue to serve you and the community.