August Is National Immunization Month

Getting vaccinated according to the recommended immunization schedule is one of the most important things a parent can do to protect their child’s health. Diseases can quickly spread among groups of children who aren’t vaccinated. Whether it’s a baby starting… Read More >

Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol and drug use by young people is extremely dangerous–both to themselves and to society–and is directly associated with traffic fatalities, violence, suicide, educational failure, alcohol overdose, unsafe sex and other problem behaviors, even for those who may never develop a… Read More >

Eat Healthier, Be A Role Model!

“Cooking from scratch will yield health benefits for you and your family,” says registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy spokesperson Jennifer Bruning. “Serve regular, balanced meals and snacks with a variety of nutrient-rich foods, and enjoy family dinners each night or… Read More >

Save a Life! Donate Blood Today!

Donating blood is a simple and relatively painless procedure that can help save lives. See Upcoming blood drives near Waynesboro According to the American Association of Blood Banks, eight million volunteer donors donate the 14 million pints of blood used… Read More >

What Is A Stroke?

 A stroke is a “brain attack”. It can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die…. Read More >

What is a heart attack?

Your heart muscle needs oxygen to survive. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off completely (View an animation of blood flow). This happens because coronary arteries… Read More >