Junior Membership

Membership of the crew will be open to anyone between the ages of sixteen (16) and twenty-one (21) years of age.  Members must be of good character and moral standing.

Junior Members will meet all of the same qualifications as Senior or Associate members to be voted into membership and must meet the same training requirements.

Active members will be Juniors who are off probation and pull duty twenty-four (24) hours per month. These members will have voting privileges in Junior Crew meetings.

Junior Associate members will be required to pull twelve (12) hours of duty per month.

Junior associate members will be granted voting privileges in the Junior Crew meetings, if he or she attends seventy- five (75)% of business meetings, drills and pulls twenty-four (24) hours of duty a month.

If the applicant is under eighteen (18) years of age, his or her guardian is required to attend the interview prior to be voted on for membership.